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About WebITech® | Premier Web Hosting Company


At WebITech we offer all comprehensive range of IT Services where our clients are benefited to have all reciprocal solutions under a single umbrella.
WebITech provides a broad range of system platforms and management solutions. Our products automate, optimize and simplify storage and system management resulting in lower costs and higher system reliability. We develop different types of solutions based on client/server architecture, both network-oriented and standalone client/server solutions. WebITech’s comprehensive range of IT Services are designed to provide the resources to help support and maintain mission-critical systems and applications while ensuring peak system availability, performance and security.

Our solutions address the urgent need for automated data management in complex networking environments.


We are committed with our services.

We are offering great services for customers. Since 2001


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Imad Malik

A versatile, Enthusiastic, Hardworking and highly motivated individual who believes in continuous improvement and have the ability to work hard in a competitive and challenging business environment with innovation, drive, and commitment.

Saman Malik

A motivated and multi-faceted Interior & Fashion Designer with a keen eye for detail and a huge passion for working with fabric materials, colours, textures and patterns. To excel in the field of Interior and fashion designing and to gain experience and education that would help me to strive towards proficiency and excellence.

Maham Khalid
Chief Operating Officer

A Highly Organized, Detail Orientated and Dependable Individual who has the ability to apply her Accounting and Finance along with IT skills and experience to a diverse range of Financial and IT relevant Issues.

Saad Salman
Digital Marketing Executive